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Other Services

HMRC Investigations

Being the subject of a tax investigation by HMRC can be a stressful and worrying experience. With the onset of personal and corporate self-assessment, HMRC staff can now review cases on a 'sample basis'; consequently, tax investigations have become more frequent. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with HMRC investigations, whether they are enquiries into an individual’s Tax Return under the Self Assessment regime, more detailed enquiries or employer-related investigations into PAYE and P11d compliance. If you are about to be the subject of an investigation, we can provide expert help and support.

Tax Investigation Protection Service

As a client of Michael Harwood & Co, you are eligible to subscribe to our Tax Investigation Protection Service.

The investigation process can be extremely stressful as you are required to ‘prove your innocence’ to the Inspector. An enquiry can last several years, with Inspectors examining not only the business records but also personal expenditure such as grocery shopping, holidays and car expenses to identify potential discrepancies. Personal tax clients are not immune either as the tax authorities regularly select individuals for investigation based on its view that they have ‘the means to pay’.

Regardless of your circumstances, this work is extremely complex and you will need our expert defence and representation to handle the case for you. Disappointingly, HMRC does not consider your costs when conducting its investigations. Even a basic tax enquiry can result in £5,000 of professional fees.

Unfortunately, we cannot protect you from being selected for an enquiry, but we can ensure you have a full defence at no cost if you are.

Protect yourself today - By subscribing to our comprehensive Tax Investigation Protection Service, the cost of full professional representation by us and our experts will be covered in the event that you are investigated.

Free Business Legal Advice - As a further benefit of the service you will also have unlimited 24/7 access to an expert Business Legal Helpline which can answer queries relating to Employment Law, Health & Safety matters and commercial issues.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss any of the above matters please do not hesitate to contact either Mark Harwood or Dawn Walker.

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