Do You Really Want to Train to Be a Boring Accountant?

We are recruiting for an ambitious person to join our team in Warwick to continue their training to become a Qualified Accountant!

We are recruiting for a part-qualified accountant to join our accounts/audit team in Warwick - Article Warwickshire : Michael Harwood & Co

Fair enough, who wants to be a boring accountant anyway?  

I have revisited this numerous times since writing “Are accountants really boring or really, really boring?”

Are accountants really boring or really, really boring | LinkedIn

The thing is, we do not see ourselves as boring and neither do our clients and professional contacts, but we are happy to go along with the stereotype, as it continues to get a laugh!

So, we are looking for an ambitious, but boring person wants to continue to undertake a boring training program and be mentored and supported with boring commercial experience to eventually become a qualified boring accountant.

What can you expect from the boring support and boring commercial experience?

Well, I have been qualified for 34 years and as I look forward to eventual retirement and a boring life of travel and family life, but before then, I am quite happy to share my own boring professional life to mentor a support a future boring professional.

This can be working with small businesses with their accounts, tax and future plans as well as working with larger businesses and charitable organisations with their audits and compliance, helping them see the wood from the trees as they wade through a commercial but regulated business world.  This will involve meeting many, many people and listening to and understanding their challenges and dreams and helping them along the way.

Whilst some see audits as really, really boring, we find that identifying weaknesses and potential improvements to business systems and reporting is quite key and critical to an organisation and challenging the status quo us rewarding for all parties.

Along the way, we may help new start up businesses with new ideas, assisting them with accounts, finance and sharing the many, many commercial contacts that we have to help them build and expand their businesses, ensuring their future success.

We may also help with a potential sale of a business and retirement of a client, helping them through the sales process, working with other advisers and solicitors to eventually arrive at a tax efficient settlement and sale.

We will help both individuals and businesses with their tax planning, understanding and utilising the many key tax reliefs available to them, including research and development and all pension planning, along with many other areas.

We sometimes are required to assist with disputes, either valuing a business or providing expert reviews and reports to be used in court action, known as forensic accounting.

We may be asked to help set up incentive schemes for our clients’ staff and present and discuss that with them.

We sometimes get asked to present training sessions for businesses looking to use online accounting software or even a commercial understanding of finance, taxation and accounts.

You will see how we become a confidante and close adviser to the many individuals and organisations that we act for and how we both listen and advise them to guide them to achieve their goals and dreams.

In darker times, we may have to help clients through downturns and potential insolvency, working with other insolvency advisers to do what is best for the business, stakeholders and individuals involved.

You will get an understanding of accounting, tax, finance, law, commerce and a fantastic commercial awareness and experience along the way.

We are a team and working together, sharing our personal expertise and experiences with each other and each-others work and challenges, tapping into the many, many years of business and commercial experience.

If that sounds like a boring future for a potential boring accountant, looking to become a really, really boring accountant, then maybe you should apply!

We are recruiting for a part-qualified accountant to join our accounts/audit team in Warwick - Article Warwickshire : Michael Harwood & Co

Steven Mugglestone BA(Hons) FCA
Boring Chartered Accountant

Steven Mugglestone BA (Hons) FCA | LinkedIn

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